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In Worcester and Boston, we specialize in student apartment rentals and beyond. Serving neighborhoods of WPI, Becker College, Boston University and Boston College.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do you need to check my credit?Credit checks are required by the landlord to ensure that the applicant has good standing credit and has shown the ability to pay their bills on time. This plays a large part of you being accepted as a tenant. Underemployed applicants may require a co-signer.

Who pays the apartment rental fee?Broggi Real Estate & Property Management Inc. is responsible for executing a lease between qualified tenants and the landlord. We receive a fee for procuring the lease, whether it is from the tenant or landlord. Your leasing agent will advise you during the apartment selection process if there is a fee charged to you.

Where do we send the necessary application forms?Please send/fax/or email all forms to: Broggi Real Estate & Property Management, Inc.
5 Wachusett Street
Worcester, MA 01609

What does “first, last and security” mean?Many landlords require deposits of first and last month’s rent be paid in advance to secure future occupancy. Additionally, a security deposit for potential damages or uncollected rent is usually required. We accept deposits and forward them directly to the landlord.

Can we move in early?The current tenants of your upcoming rental have until the end of their lease term to occupy the premises. Unless the rental unit becomes available early, you should expect to take occupancy no sooner than the first day of your lease.

Who do we call for maintenance and repairs?Broggi Real Estate and Property Management, Inc. handles the calls and requests for most of the landlords and business entities we serve. Call us with any issues that require service or maintenance, we will dispatch the appropriate personnel.

What if we have an emergency?Notify Broggi Management office by telephone (508-792-0049) so personnel can respond. If no answer, or if after normal business hours, leave a detailed message and use the emergency number provided to alert management.
Residents should notify police or fire department for any life threatening emergencies.

Where do we send rent checks?Please send rent checks to our management office, in-care-of / payable-to the specific landlord for your rental. Mail to: 5 Wachusett Street, Worcester, MA 01609. You can find this information on the front page of your lease.